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Want a guinea pig but don't have the time or space to commit?

Would you or someone you know love to make a difference to an animal's life, but are unable to to keep animals?

Why not sponsor one (or more) of Avalon's resident guinea pigs? Sponsorship makes a wonderful present for anyone who wants to help a guinea pig but is unable to offer them a home. Your money will go towards their care.


Why sponsor a guinea pig?

These piggies are unable to be rehomed for a variety of reasons which may include long term and complex needs that are best met at the rescue.

Many of the piggies have been rescued from auction. Piggies are put up for auction with little regard for their health and wellbeing. The piggies that come to us from auction are usually underweight, malnourished, suffering from severe mite infestations, fungal infections, abscesses and injuries and covered in their own excrement. Most of the females are pregnant and show signs of excessive "back to back" breeding. Piggies that come to us from here have often had such a horrific and traumatic start in life that they are unable to be rehomed except to very experienced handlers. Instead, these piggies are able to live out their years at the rescue.

Click on the links below to find out more about your sponsored pig

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