The below are links to some of the lovely supporters of Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue click the links to visit their sites.


Forever Home Guinea Pigs and PAINTaPET Figurines are lovingly sculpted by artist Rachel Mabin who has seven rescued guinea pigs of her own. Her seven guinea pigs, from Wheek and Squeak Guinea Pig Rescue, became her inspiration for both collections. We hope you enjoy collecting as much as we do!


Charm jewellery and accessories for fandom girls and guys

In 2013 my teenage daughter started getting interested in fandoms and when I struggled to find Sherlock jewellery for her for Christmas, I decided to have a go at making some myself. When I was a teenager myself, I had a Saturday job in a jewellers shop, and thus began my love of all things sparkly! 

I've gradually expanded my shop to include many of our favourite shows/authors since then. I love coming up with new ideas, as my daughter and I share a lot of time watching the programmes and discussing the books together.
I try to make each piece tell a story either about a character or one of my favourite scenes.

If you like my charms, but would like to see them on a different setting, please feel free to contact me with suggestions (via facebook, email, or Etsy convo) - I am always looking for new things to hang charms off!