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It might seem strange that a rescue centre provides holiday boarding, when we already have limited space, due to 200+ guinea pigs needing homes. However, as a rescue centre, we are ideally equipped to look after your pet guinea pigs whilst you are away, at any time throughout the year. Between us we have over 40 years experience of caring for and rehabilitating guinea pigs and we love what we do. We also have continual veterinary support and have been administering medication to guinea pigs since Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue was founded.

We have had lots of guinea pigs come to stay with us and we have really enjoyed looking after them. We are always taking bookings, so if you would like your guinea pigs to come and stay for their holidays, then please do get in touch. We do our very best to make your pets stay as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

What Your Guinea Pig Can Expect?




Our spacious 3ft, 4ft and 5ft hutches are the perfect place for your pet to spend their holidays. All our holiday boarders are kept in the very roomy 3ft x 3ft, 4ft x 3ft, 5ft x 4ft hutches dependent on quantity.  We do not allow overcrowding and so will make use of the larger cages if needed without worry. 

Our holiday boarding hutches are housed in one of two secure sheds, which are protected by a 6ft wired fence/gate which is bolted and locked when not in use. 
Toys, tunnels, houses and chew blocks will also be provided to keep them busy and active during their stay.


Food, Hay and Water

Your guinea pigs can expect to be fed dry food mix, fresh fruit and /or vegetables, and hay daily (unless otherwise advised) and obviously access to water. 

Health and Hygiene

If any of your pets require medication (daily or otherwise), we are happy to administer this while you are on holiday. We can also liaise with your vet if required. Other special needs can also be catered for. 
In the unlikely event that your pet should fall ill while you are on holiday; we are able to administer medication, as we always keep a variety of medication on site for such events. This would only be done with your consent, and you would be contacted prior to any medication being administered. 
All animals are checked daily and medicine administered if necessary. 
All hutches are thoroughly disinfected and cleaned before your pets holiday begins. 
Drinking bottles and food bowls are sterilised after each residents stay. 
Your pet will not mix with any other animals whilst in our care, except for their own cage mate(s). 
Should your pet become ill at any point during their stay, you will be informed. 

Guinea Pig Boarding Tariff

All we ask, in return for your animal’s holiday accommodation, is a donation to Avalon Guinea Pig Rescue and a donation of a bag of hay (or similar) when picking up your guinea pig. 
This donation is required at the commencement of the holiday boarding. This is to help cover the costs of boarding whilst you are away. It also ensures we get the much needed funds. 
In the past, we allowed people to pay when they picked their guinea pigs up, however, on the odd occasion; people have refused to pay anything. This puts us in a very awkward position. We have also had guinea pigs left with us (with the promise of payment on return) who were never been picked up, we therefore end up out of pocket and with extra rescue residents. 
A free text messaging service is available so that you can keep up to date with what your pet has been up to whilst you are away on your holidays (upon request). 

Other Services:


Claw Clipping


(General and specific Guinea Pig advice (Available upon request at no extra charge) 

If you would like to holiday board your guinea pigs with us, please contact us by phone or e-mail stating the number of guinea pigs, dates, number of nights and whether our optional bathing and grooming service is required.


Please remember we are a non-profit organisation that relies entirely on GOODWILL.

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